Bengal kittens & globe (Butterfly Globe Used With Permission From Sheila Wolk)

Butterfly Globe Used With Permission From Sheila Wolk

Timshell’s Enchanted Bengals coming soon!  Place your deposit now for a kitten in 2016…  Arriving later this year!  Our kittens come from the very finest lines… Queens and Kings free of genetic faults and health issues…..  breeding for health, beauty and temperament. 

Bengal Kittens

Bengal Kitten
What is a Bengal Cat?

Bengals are a multi-generational crossing of small Asian Leopard Cats and domestic cats. If you love a cat with an exotic look but without the size and danger of a wild cat, the Bengal is for you. The intelligent, curious Bengal is active, loves climbing, enjoys playing fetch and going for walks on leash. Bengals are happy, entertaining cats that thrive on attention.

Dog with Bengal kittensBengals need to be socialized at a young age. Bengals do well with children and dogs when allowed time to gradually become part of their new surroundings. Bengals love climbing on high, and often love playing in water. Acquiring two Bengal kittens doubles the fun, and gives the kittens company when their adults are away.