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Timshell Farm Specialty Crossbreeds

For 15 years, Timshell Farm has raised specialty triple-cross CavaPooChon and Petite Goldendoodle puppies. Now semi-retired, Steve and Linda Rogers divide their time between Texas and Arizona. The S & L “Pause for Paws” non-profit work provides therapy and service dogs to organizations bringing the special healing and love to people in need, in hospitals, counseling and other situations. This work is done from our home in Arizona. Below is information about work with Gabriel’s Angels in Phoenix, and then following that, see some great photos and reports of Timshell Farm puppies grown up and out in the world with their owners, visiting and helping those in need.


Steve and Linda recently began work with the wonderful Gabriel’s Angels mission in Phoenix, AZ.


Gabriel's Angels
Gabriel’s Angels mission is to deliver healing pet therapy to at-risk children, nurturing their emotional development and enhancing the quality of their lives forever.

Pause for Paws

Registered therapy teams, made up of an individual and his/her companion pet, engage children to develop and improve healthy core behaviors that are critical to normal development.

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(Penny is a Timshell Cava-Poo-Chon, who families with Lena and Tom in Phoenix. Penny is star of the video on our website’s Home Page (“You Got A Friend (external link to video on Dropbox)).

From Lena and Tom:

Hello! How are you? We want to share some wonderful news about Penny:

• Penny and I have been certified by the Alliance of Therapy Dogs (ATD) as a therapy team! I am so proud of our little love bug!!

• We are working with Gabriel's Angels to find a placement for us. We may be working at a library of a Boys and Girls Club in Phoenix. We are soooooo excited!!

• Attached are some photos from our last ATD evaluation, vest-fitting at Gabriel's Angels, and her first Major League Baseball game.


Penny continues to be a source of joy and love for us. She is healthy and is definitely her Dada's (Tom's) girl. Thank you for being a part of our lives. We wish you all the best!! - Lena



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Timshell Farm's "Dinah" is such a blessing to the residents and staff, working with "K9 Comforters" in East Texas with Barb Ernst and Lou Verner. 


DINAH MAKES THERAPY DOG MAGAZINE!  Click HERE to read her article!

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Pause for PawsPause for Paws

Pause for PawsTwinkler has had an amazing week. Yesterday morning we went to R.E.A.D. with 4 kids at Charter School. (I will try to get permission for pictures after Christmas.) He has been there 2 times before. He pulled us all the way in the door looking for the kids. He was amazing with the kids. He did his "tricks" for the kids and they were totally impressed with his ability to be so well behaved. He will see 4 kids each week. We will also get to sub on occasion when other Caring Canines can't go.

Yesterday afternoon, we went to the Skilled Nursing Facility. Twinkler was so peaceful and calm with the patients. He was very attentive to each person and seemed to know who needed more attention. Everyone was so impressed with him and I was more than proud. Then today, we went to the Adult Day Care Center for about an hour. A news reporter was there to take pictures and get information for a news article. (Don't know which dogs will be in the newspaper yet.) Twinkler was amazing. There were 2 other dogs present. Twinkler was curious to meet the other dogs, then settled down to "visit" with the patients. He was so well behaved and obedient.

The group was very impressed. He spent time with each person. He then went to a very sweet woman and stayed very still with her for about 20 minutes, letting her pet him all over. He didn't try to lay down or avoid her petting at all. He moved very close to her and looked at me with a very sweet face. It sure appeared to me that he knew he was sharing a special experience with the woman. Then, the woman looked at me and said..........."He is a very special dog to be so patient with me. He looks me right in the eyes. He was made to visit people." Well, needless to say, this boy IS made to help others and he really is enjoying every experience. : ) And to top it all off.......everyone thinks he is just beautiful. What a great Boy we have. Thanks so much, Sherry.

For more, please see:

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From: "Teri L."
Pause for PawsSubject: Molly the Service Dog!

Hi, Linda: This is Molly in her Phoenix Children's Hospital bandana. We have such fun visiting the kids! She hops into bed with them, plays balls in the hallway, does her tricks - they love her "whisper" the best! A few weeks ago we visited a very sick little boy who has been in the hospital for months. He misses his 3 dogs and loves when Molly visits. The Doctor was concerned he wasn't eating at all so she suggested that he and Molly share a bowl of Fruit Loops cereal. He loved that idea so he'd eat a spoonful and then give Molly a dry one. Molly lay across his stomach and just waited for her next Fruit Loop. The Doctor was so thrilled he ate that we went back and had Fruit Loops the next day...(:>) I can't believe how much I love my special friend...she still comes to work with me everyday and is on the TV show. She is such a love, so much fun. She loves people and her dog friends...and her mom! She will be 3 in January and can still out run all her dog friends. She does really quick turns and soccer type moves.

Hope all is well. Happy Thanksgiving! Teri & Molly

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Pause for PawsCOWBOY

Timshell Farm’s “Cowboy” is owned by Darlyn and John P. in California, and he has completed all of his special training and certifications to be a Therapy/Service Dog, allowed into public places and facilities such as retirement homes and hospitals.

Darlyn's work with Cowboy has resulted in a loving, highly trained and self-controlled dog that people love to touch.... He is in tune with their special needs and knows how to give his healing energy to those that need it.

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Pause for PawsHarlee is a Timshell Farm Goldendoodle.

Harley served in many therapy and service settings. He and his owner, Bev LaLonde, gave special help as he worked as a licensed “Reading Education Assistance Dog” in addition to being trained professionally as a therapy dog with certifications.

Harlee worked, shared and gave so much, with Bev, in the Rogers City, Michigan area.

Reading Education Assistance Dog

Pause for Paws

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Pause for PawsZUEY

Zuey is a Timshell Farm Goldendoodle, owned and trained by Kay B. in the Atlanta area. Zuey received her training and Delta certification for service work in hospitals and other settings. She now works in Hospice and with groups that rescue women from prostitution.



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