Tristan, Poo-Chon
Bred from Beignet, Bichon Frise and Spanky, Ruby Red Toy Poodle

TristanTristan is 2 years old. He has a soft curl coat that is cream with light golden apricot. He has white markings, mainly on his chest. He’s a gorgeous fellow! When he’s groomed short, his coat has a nice, soft-curl, and if you let his coat grow out, it’s a loose wave-curl (that makes him look a lot like a small Goldendoodle). He weighs 15 lbs. He was bred from a health-tested, beautiful Bichon Frise with an extremely gentle nature. His sire is a sparkly, funny, happy toy poodle.

Tristan is obedient and loving. He will need work to be housetrained completely as he is an indoor-outdoor dog now. He does well in his crate at night and never soils his crate. He’s just not accustomed to being indoors all day and would need some training.

Tristan does well with other dogs, and humans of all ages. He loves going for walks, hikes and swims. He’s agile and athletic, but never hyper or yappy. He is incredibly intelligent, and is inquisitive and focused.

TristanWe are looking for a loving home for Tristan, a family that will complete his training and love him forever! There is no re-home fee for the right family. He is in great health, no health issues, but needs to be neutered.