Cavachon Puppies


Josephine’s Cavachon Puppy from Timshell Farm


Annie & JosephineJuly 17, 2008

Hi Linda,

Sorry it took me so long to send you the pictures I had to down load them on my computer. The pictures are of Annie's 1st birthday and Anne and I getting ready to go to the July 4th Parade . Annie sat in my lap the whole time watching the parade and was a perfect little lady. The other dogs were barking and walking around. Annie met a cute Maltese. Yes you're right, Annie is the perfect dog for me. She is the sweetest dog. And she has the cutest personality Annie favors her mom a lot by looking at her face. And I can see her dad in Annie to. She looks a lot like both of her parents. I hope they are doing fine. Annie is doing great she is walking beside me on her leash and doing everything that she was taught to do. I take Annie just about everywhere I go. She loves riding in my car sitting in her buster seat. I will have to make a movie of Annie and send it to you. so you can see the cute things that she does. Annie loves having her picture taken. Every time I have my camera out and she see me with it, Annie will pose for me. Enjoy the pictures. I will send some more pictures soon and make a movie of Annie. Take care and Annie and I will keep in touch. If I sent the same picture twice let me know and I will resend you the other one I took a lot of pictures of Annie. she is so beautiful and her markings are to. Annie has a very pretty coat it's so soft and curly .

Love Annie and Josephine