Cavachon Puppies


"Bear", the CavachonJune 18, 2007


I just wanted to let you know that " Bear " is doing great. He does not whine at all and has adapted very well. He loves the kids and is very active. His coat and color is great, we will send you a picture. Feel free to use him on your website. 

Thank you,

August A.

"Bear", the CavachonJuly 1, 2007        


Bear is doing great. He has fit right into our family so well. He has such a great disposition. He is very loving and so smart. The first day August brought him home he got him to "sit" with a treat. We are still working on house training. Some days he does great and then other days he has accidents. He loves the kids and he really likes our pool. He's been in the pool probably 5 times since we got him. He's definitely grown but is still about 4 pounds. We're curious to see how big he will get. 

Everyone who sees him says he looks like a toy. He really does. He is SO CUTE! Anyway, we just love him and are glad we have him! We've attached several photos for you. Let us know how his siblings are doing.

Thank you,

Vivian A.