Cavachon Puppies



"Lady" the CavachonApril 16, 2006


She had a great check up! You have a great recommendation from me. We love Lady and we can tell about the love and care she received. You were very professional and please have anyone call me if you need references. Attached are the first photos, more to come or check the Cavachon site, I justed started an album for her. Cheryl



Just a quick update! I can't tell you how happy we are with Lady, she brings such joy to our home. She has only had a few accidents, I swear she went to the door to tell me she needed to go. I am sleeping, she is secure, content and fits so well in our home. We even have her going to her crate on command, and to sit for her food and for a treat with the clicker. She is so smart!!! Thank you so much. We will send new pictures as soon as I download them. (she now weighs 3lbs. 1 oz) -- Cheryl

"Lady" the CavachonThere was a girl available. Linda did an excellent job matching our preferences, we wanted a smaller girl, with apricot or darker markings if possible. She sent pictures weekly, (my kids loved this). Linda sent us a content, healthy adorable little girl or came in the crate content and calm. Our vet checked her and she was perfect. Lady is now 12 wks and outside of a few accidents, this experience has exceeded our expectations. She is so willing to please us, hardly makes a noise (except for a small yip in the morning to wake me up). 

Read up on crate training and stick with it . Puppies are like kids, they feel safe, and secure with a consistent schedule. I do not leave my food down all day. She gets 10-15 to eat, then she will have to wait for lunch. Water I stop after 7pm. Lady slept thru the nite after 4-5 days after we got her. (this may be unusual). She is consistent and has good "tell" signs of when she needs to go out. She starts to get fidgety, and nippy or she gos to the door now. While you are waiting for your puppy, read, read, read (I like Ceasar Millan, the Dog Whisperer: and Puppies for Dummies). Have a lot of patience, because even the best of puppies will have issues. 

I am convinced that Timshell Farms is greatly responsible for Lady being so well adjusted.