Cavachon Puppies


LondonFrom: Heather R
To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Subject: Our London, Cavachon

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that London is doing GREAT! We absolutely adore her! The kids and her are inseparable. She settled in and felt at home right away!! She's been sleeping through the night most of the time too! 

LondonShe got rave reviews at the vet and everyone wanted to know what she was. Everyone who sees her comments on how cute she is. I thought the Vet Tech was going to try and take her home with her!! On her last visit she was 11 1/2 weeks old and she weighed 5.4 pounds. 

We have had our first puppy training and London is already working on sit, down and come. She's about 90% potty trained already and she uses bells to tell us when she needs to go. She's very smart! 

I'll attach a few pictures of London for you as well!

Thanks so much for all of your help and for giving us such an amazing puppy!!


Heather R.