Cavachon Puppies



"Murray" the CavachonMarch 6, 2006    

Hi Linda,

Sorry for the delay, but here are some great pictures. He loves our bed and the bath mat. He's doing great with us and the kids. They love him. He's totally different around us than he is around strangers--he's a hoot--very playful, funny, and loving. He also goes on lots of car rides--has a dog booster seat that allows him to see out the window and lets the wind blow his fur!

"Murray" the CavachonThe housetraining has greatly improved--no accidents in a while and he has never pooped in the house (usually will ring a bell if I don't notice him needing to go out). We try to watch him carefully (or keep him on a leash or in his crate during busy times). Eating is certainly never a problem either! He loves food and enjoys added leftover vegetables/fruits and yogurt on occasion. He has remained on premium dry kibble though.

We are VERY happy with him and if you have any news about his siblings I'd love to hear how they are doing too.

"Murray" the CavachonSpeaking of your other dogs, guess who I met at the park yesterday? Your Goldendoodle, Sam. It turns out they live nearby and I was told their neighbor has a Goldendoodle as well. Sam was adorable and I got to love on him. Murray tried to sneak up close, but was shy since Sam towered above him. Anyway, what a small world.

Well, I hope you enjoy the photos. These were taken on Feb. 27th and I've had the hair trimmed out of his eyes since then. However, he hasn't been still for "after" pics. I might take him for an all-over trim in a month or two. By the way, he doesn't shed. Only on occasion, do I notice a few stray hairs, and not much comes off in his brush. Hope you're doing well

- Kelly.