Cavachon Puppies


From: Brenda T.
To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Sunday, January 08, 2006
Subject: Pictures of Tucker

Hi Linda,

I’ve attached some pictures of Tucker with our boys Matthew and Nicholas. They sure do love him and I think he loves them too! 

He’s doing well with the potty training – especially the pooping. He cries at the door for that. Our vet loves Tucker. Thinks he’s the cutest thing she ever did see. As for the crate, Tucker likes it, but he’d prefer to sleep on any of my husband’s clothes that he leaves on the floor!

Hope you like the pictures!




TuckerFrom: Brenda T.    
To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Saturday, March 11, 2006
Subject: Tucker update


Here are some recent pictures of Tucker – after his first grooming. Tucker is a joy. He has a very sweet temperament. As you know, our kiddos are 4 and 19 months. He plays really well with them. And, he allows them to poke and prod him without getting upset. In fact, I think he likes it. He gives lots and lots of kisses.

TuckerThe one thing we haven’t done yet is obedience training. That is next on our list. We wanted to make sure he had all shots before grooming and school. Now that all of his shots are done, we plan on getting him set up with training. I’m sure he’ll be a star as he is so very smart. He was potty trained within a couple of weeks of getting him home. Whenever he needs to go, he just heads to the back door and waits for us. If we don’t notice, he gives a little whine to let us know. Also, he is the king of playing fetch. He started this very young as well. We always had labs growing up and it seemed they took forever to learn to bring the ball back after we threw it. Not Tucker...he brought it back right away. He’s still nibbling on things, so we are anxiously awaiting his baby teeth to fall out. I’m sure training will help with this as well.

TuckerHis coat is very nice. He’s had a few tan spots get a little darker, so he’s not as white as he was in the beginning. Not sure we were too thrilled with his grooming. We decided to have him trimmed all over. I think we’ve decided that we like him better fluffy, so I think we will only trim his face, paws and bottom from here on out. But, the groomer gave him an A+ on grooming. Said he tolerated the trim, teeth brushing and toenail clipping like a champ.

Again, Tucker is such a joy and we are so thankful that you guys decided to start breeding Cavachons. What a wonderful breed! We’ll try and be better about sending pictures and updates.

Brenda, Rich, Matthew, Nicholas and Tucker!