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Golden CavaDoodle (Medium) June 2010

Hi Linda,

I thought I would get an email off to you before I leave tomorrow for Africa.

Things with Bear couldn't be better. What a happy and mellow dog! Except for the first night he has slept through the night in his crate, which he loves so much he goes in there during the day for naps. He's already going for walks on a leash, and answering to his name. We're trying to teach him to chew on his toys and not my shoes, etc. But---that's just a puppy. He seems like he is gong to be pretty easy to train. You might hear from Dan while I'm gone about boarding Bear for a few days if he (Dan that is) feels he needs a few days off. But, right now, they're pretty bonded. Bear even slept later this morning than I did.

Barbara L.