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MarleyFrom: Barb B.
Sent: Monday, November 14, 2011
To: Linda Rogers
Subject: Marley update

Dear Linda,

Marley is a total joy and a perfect dog. We are truly grateful for such a loving and obedient puppy. She is so sweet. You can see her sweetness in her feminine face and demeanor. She gets loads of attention any time we are out. She is 6 months, weighs 21 lbs and stands 15" tall at the shoulder. She is very lean. I expect she will still put on more weight but likely won't grow much more in height.

The two dogs love each other's company and play constantly. The older dog, Max, is 5 years old. Marley runs fast like a deer so she can outrun him and also fit behind small spaces (like behind the couch). It is hilarious to watch the two play cat and mouse. She is a lap dog. She sits on top Max as if his shoulders are a lap. I am sending you a photo of this.

Barb & Alek

Marley and Max

Click to see Marley's Jump Trick video!CLICK HERE FOR MARLEY'S JUMP VIDEO!

Subject: Fw: Marley Jump Trick

I hope you can view this.

My niece (10 yrs old) kept Marley for the weekend. She trained her to jump. Marley is either a great student or she is a good trainer.

Kristen adores the dog and did not want her to leave!

Marley's Puppy Photos!