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NewmanCaroline & David K., El Cerrito , California

February 2009

Linda . . . .

My mother and stepfather, who are the proud owners of their own Tibetan Terrier, declared OUR puppy the cutest dog they've ever seen. We are making people take off their shoes before they come in which is funny considering I don't think I did that with my children!

His name is Newman, and he has had a wonderful day. He is sound asleep in his crate right now. He had some visitors, all kids and he was SPECTACULAR! He is so well socialized and happy-go-lucky. His tail just wags nonstop. He loves his toys and we did get one of those stuffed puppies you mentioned with the heartbeat. He's been carrying it around the house proudly, and we didn't even get the chance to turn the heartbeat on, he fell asleep on top of it right away.

He is absolutely an Ewok! He has surpassed our expectations in terms of personality. Here are some pictures so you can know he has settled in nicely!

Thanks for everything!

Caroline, David, Suzanna, Max, Arthur (the cat) and "NEWMAN" (your cute boy!)


NewmanLinda & Steve,

Newman is absolute perfection! He’s doing great! He’s by far the most popular puppy at the kids’ school (he has a fan club of about 40 kids to date and everyone wants to know what breed he is – we’ve given your website out to a bunch of people), he’s incredibly loving and playful with everyone, he’s on a great sleep schedule, he’s nearly house trained and he’s starting to get to know his big brother, Arthur the cat. Beyond all of that, he’s sweet, sweet, sweet! We adore him – and I think the feeling is quite mutual.

Our vet, who is very good, gave you quite a compliment during our first appointment with Newman: He said that you must be a very good breeder because Newman was so perfect, physically and socially, and that you had done everything right!

Anyway, Linda, Newman is an absolute LOVE. He has totally rounded out our family. Thank you!

All the best,