Golden CavaDoodle Puppies

The Parent Dogs


Boykin Spaniels

Boykin Spaniels are called “The Little Brown Dogs that Don’t Rock the Boat” and there is a charming story about their history and how they came to be. Just after the turn of the century, Alexander White of South Carolina found a small, brown spaniel dog wandering around. He took the dog home since it appeared to be a stray. This dog turned out to have extremely good hunting capabilities and a wonderful bird sense. Alexander gave the dog, named “Dumpy” to his hunting partner, L. Whittaker Boykin.

The Boykin Spaniel breed evolved from that little spaniel named Dumpy, bred with American Water Spaniels, Springer Spaniels, Pointers and Chesapeake Bay Retrievers. The Boykin Spaniel is a great retriever of upland birds and waterfowl, and is very popular with bird hunters in the southern United States . These remarkable dogs will do anything to please. They are trained to both flush out birds and then retrieve them back to the hunter. Carolina has designated the Boykin Spaniel as it’s official state dog. In July 2005, the Boykin Spaniel Club of Breeders was named by AKC as the official parent club. The Bokin Spaniel has been an AKC Foundation Stock Service breed for many years.

A recent bestselling novel “Sweetwater Creek” revolves around a southern family that raises Boykins. They make wonderful companions and love human company.


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