Golden CavaDoodle Puppies


RileyKathy S., Texas     

February 2009

Hi Linda,

Riley walked into our home like she knew this was where she belonged. She is the most loving, beautiful creature and soooooooo smart! She is almost totally housetrained and is getting along great with my other two dogs. She has slept in her crate by my bed each night and we get up once to go potty and then go back to sleep. She loves the back yard and helped me rake leaves and pull weeds today. 

RileyWe are going to the vet in the morning for our puppy check and to continue with our vaccinations and stuff. She loves all of her new toys and we just plain love her. Her favorite place is under Grandma's kitchen chair and they are getting along beautifully. It is nice to see Grandma laugh so much at Riley's antics.

Thank you so much for raising and sharing such healthy beautiful puppies. We couldn't be happier and I'll keep you updated as Riley grows.

Kind regards,