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Tiki & RustyFrom: Lorraine B      
Sent: Monday, January 23, 2012
Subject: Sugar Plums female pup update-Tiki

Hi Linda,

It's been a long time overdue since our last correspondence and I finally found the time to write you and send along some photos of our dear Tiki. First and foremost, we absolutely adore her, she is so sweet, lovable, extremely smart, spirited, funny, and the best thing that has happened in our family. She arrived to us last September and she will be 6 months old on January 26th 2012. Her first night in her new forever home was a little unsettling but after that night she slept in her crate without a sound for seven hours without any accidents. TikiShe was amazing from the very start and we used a cowbell hung on the door we used for her potty breaks and she mastered this letting us know she needed to go and do her business in less than a week. As she grew, she became a little too vigorous with the ringing of the cowbell and would really give it a good whack, resulting in a hole in the wall. Too funny, so we replaced her bell with Poochie Bells and all is happy and I have mastered spackling and wall repair that my husband never even noticed.

We were so fortunate in finding an excellent in-home trainer and started Tiki at eight weeks old for five lessons. My trainer was amazed with her progress and enthusiasm to learn. She loves her training sessions and is so eager to please which makes it all the more fun for us to engage her in consistent training. TikiWe are so proud of her and just for fun, I counted up all the words she responds to and she knows over 30 words! She is so intelligent and we have to laugh when she rings her bells, especially after we just had her out for her potty break because she is telling us she wants to go for another walk. So my question is, who trained who here? She has outsmarted us! She knows her commands of " sit, stay, down, come, leave it, drop it, place, off" and too many to mention. She had been enjoying our daily walks but we have snow in N.Y. so the walks will be on hold. We exercise her in our rather large kitchen and continue our daily training indoors.

TikiWe have introduced her to some family members pets pictured below, as you will see her sharing a bone with "cousin Rusty" Christmas morning. He's a beagle my daughter rescued and he is an absolute gentleman but his patience ran thin with Tiki and her overly zealous personality. They are adjusting nicely. Everyone who meets our little Tiki just falls in love with her, even the staff at our veterinarian's office jokes with me saying they are taking her home. Medically she is up to date on all her immunizations and is fully recovered from being spayed.

TikiTiki has brought such love and joy into our home and we are so grateful to have a Timshell Farm puppy. These past four months have gone by so quickly and having not raised a puppy in over twenty years since our previous pet passed, I had forgotten the time expended in raising a well behaved pup. We are off to a great start and know Tiki will continue to give us many years of love and devotion as we will to her. Sorry to have taken so long to send this update, it took a broken foot to finally sit me down. I like your newly updated web site and I always love looking at the puppies, very tempting! Thank you again Linda!

Warmest Regards,