Golden Cava-Doodle Puppies

Boykin Golden Cava-Doodles


Our earlier Timshell Farm Golden Cava-Doodles had a purebred Boykin Spaniel (Rohan My Chum) as the sire and a smaller-sized Goldendoodle for their mother.

Golden Cava-DoodlesGolden Cava-DoodlesGolden Cava-DoodlesGolden Cava-Doodles“Golden Cava-Doodle” puppiesGolden Cava-DoodlesGolden Cava-DoodlesGolden Cava-Doodles

Click the names below to see Boykin Golden Cava-Doodle photos and reports from adoptive families! 

Goldendoodle mother “Ellie” and Boykin Spaniel Sire “Rohan”

This litter had male puppies. There were three with beautiful, liver colored, soft curl coat and one true black coat. Reading updates sent to us from their adoptive families, these puppies are outstanding companions and beautiful dogs! 

bulletChester     bulletChip      

Sire “ROHAN”
purebred Boykin Spaniel