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Cesar Milan's Tips For New Dog Owners

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Tips for New Dog Owners:
Tip # 1
Enlist your whole family with the experience of bringing a new dog home. Discuss what the responsibilities will be and how to share them before the dog arrives.
Tip # 2
Make sure you find a dog that fits your lifestyle. More active breeds, such as hunting dog and herding dogs, require more physical challenges (like exercise) to stay physically and mentally content.
Tip # 3
Consider the responsibilities of maintenance for your new dog. What are you willing to handle? How much time are you willing to invest?
Tip # 4
If you are adopting an older dog, know that some dogs may have had experiences that will affect their reactions toward people, kids, and other animals.
Tip # 5
When getting a new pet, make sure you set aside time every day to establish rules, set boundaries and limitations, provide exercise, and then give affection to the dog.
Tip # 6
Give the dog something to do before you share food, water, toys, or affection. This way the treat has been earned.
Tip # 7
It is essential to try to create a schedule that includes a daily 45-minute power-walk in the morning.
Tip # 8
When leaving the house, always walk out the door ahead of your dog to demonstrate who is boss.
Tip # 9
When walking your dog, make sure that it's not in front of you, pulling you down the street. Instead, keep your companion dog to your side or behind you. This will demonstrate to your dog that you are the leader.
Tip # 10
Be willing to set a budget for unexpected circumstances, like medical bills, training classes, etc. There is insurance for dogs that may help with your veterinary bills.