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Considerations and Commitment


Of course, there are serious considerations when purchasing a dog. In order to make a happy fit for the owner and the dog, certain questions should be carefully thought out before committing to purchasing the puppy or dog.

  1. Do I have adequate space to keep this dog?

  2. Do I have time and money to give this dog obedience training it needs?

  3. Do I have the funds to commit to veterinary services and emergency pet costs?

  4. Do I have the time to make sure the animal gets adequate exercise and attention?

  5. Does this puppy or dog really fit into my life activities right now?

  6. Does everyone in our home feel really good about having the new puppy or dog?

  7. Does this animal fit into our family with size issues and small children, etc.?

  8. Am I willing to commit to long-term care for this dog after it becomes older and needs special care and medical attention?

Adequate space is a large, fenced yard (according to dog size), and space for sleeping indoors (if dog is to be an inside dweller).

Obedience school is training for the owner as much as it is for the dog, to bring an understanding of expectations between the two.

Dogs require regular checkups and veterinary care, and sometimes emergency medical attention which can be expensive.

Daily, dogs need to be walked, run with, played with, groomed, brushed, bathed, stroked and talked to – the more the better!

Arrangements for boarding the dog must be made if owner is to be out of town, or to have a caretaker come in daily and attend to the dog’s needs.

All family members need to agree on bringing in this particular dog, with consideration given to size of dog and presence of toddlers, etc. and the special attention this will require.

Dogs get old faster than humans and as they age, some dogs slow down greatly and can require trips to the vet, medications and costly operations.


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