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AlbieOhio Goldendoodle -- April 2003 Litter

Born April 2003 - Age in Photos: 8 months

Hi Linda! 

Thanks for the opportunity to send pictures and stories about Albie. He is our first dog and we had no idea he would be such a wonderful dog! He is the first doodle that our vet has seen and he is very impressed with him and his disposition.

He is now about 8 months old (he was in the 4/14 litter) and is 55 lbs. He measures 24" at the shoulder. He is extremely gentle and couldn't be more fun. He loves to chase balls and is constantly carrying a toy or stuffed animal around with him, especially outside. He goes for a ride with Ric every morning and everyone on the route knows him. When Ric jumps out of the car Albie sits behind the wheel and sits so tall you can't miss him. Someone usually asks Ric if Albie has his learners permit yet. 

AlbieHe is also great with children. We brought him to our friends house who has 3 children; 3, 5 and 7 years old. They desperately want a dog and could not wait for him to arrive. From the second he got there they yelled, screamed, chased him and had him chase them. They made him sit and give them his paw for what seemed like forever. They threw his treats in the air and hugged him. He did a wonderful job, no nipping or growling. The poor dog was exhausted when he left but there were 3 very happy children. 

Albie won "Most Original Trick" during puppy school graduation. He loves to chase bubbles. If I say "Bubbles" he sits a full attention, watches the bubbles intently and jumps straight up in the air, eating each bubble in a row. We got quite a laugh from the class and the trainer said "That's a bird dog for you". You asked for some stories so there they are! Again, he is a wonderful dog. Please feel free to use the ones you want. I have attached some pictures as well. If you would like to put in a link, we have a website at external linkso we can share pictures of Albie and his friends. Thanks again, Marguerite and Ric