Standard Goldendoodle Families

Condy B.

Condy B., Christmas 2005

Houston, TX        
To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Monday, December 05, 2005

Hi Linda,

Condy is awesome! You guys did a great job with her! She didn't cry at all on the way home. She's adjusted very well to our home. She eliminates in a designated area. She already knows which door is the way out. We've had no problems crating her. She responds well to verbal commands; she's very easy to train. She's coming into her own. She's very playful and already has her favorite toys. We're very pleased!

Elisa & Gemma

Condy day before ChristmasCondy Christmas Day

To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Subject: Recommendation

After deciding that the Goldendoodle was the breed for us, my spouse and I began to research breeders. Understanding that all breeders are not created equally, we looked for specific characteristics that would help us to make a good decision about the source of this very special and important addition to our family.

It didn't take long for us to develop a high degree of comfort working with Linda Rogers of the Timshell Farm. Linda has a web site that is extremely informative about everything from general information about the breed to specific information about acquiring a puppy from Timshell. Additionally, Linda was very responsive to our many inquiries which helped to further educate us on the breed and clearly demonstrated her extensive knowledge. Linda was more than accommodating when we asked to visit our pup before she was ready to come home; she was also amenable to some of our other special requests. Finally, when we did pick up Condy to bring her home, we were delighted to find that she had already been acclimated to a crate and had clearly enjoyed a substantial amount of human interaction. As such, today Condy continues to be an extremely "people friendly" dog. It is clear to us that Linda loves these dogs and loves what she does!

It is without hesitation that we wholeheartedly recommend Linda Rogers and Timshell Farms for anyone who wants to add a happy, healthy, beautiful Goldendoodle to their family. We are already looking forward to repeating the experience when our dog is a year old!

Happy in Houston
Elisa, Gemma and Condy