Standard Goldendoodle Families


(4 Months)

FlashHi Linda,

Just thought you'd like to see Flash! these days - he's growing and happy and such a good dog. He loves getting a shower and blow dry, going for walks, eating rocks (no!), licking peanut butter out of his Kong toy, stealing socks, wolfing his food down, playing fetch and jumping in water. We are very happy with him. He's a perfect fit for our family and we love him very much! Thank you for creating and sending such a happy people dog!

Debbie P. - Ohio



FlashFrom: Jack & Debbie P.        
To: Linda Rogers Timshell Farms
Sent: Friday, March 17, 2006
Subject: Flash! One year old today

Hi Linda,

Long time since we’ve written – Flash is doing great!!! People can’t believe what a good dog he is – so people friendly – he’s one today ~ We love him very much. Here’s some pics of him with the kids (my daughter put a basketball shirt on him)

Debbie P.

PS: absolutely no allergies!!!!! He sits on our furniture
and especially our dark fabric sectional – once! I found
a hair! Tee hee. He’s such a good boy!!!


Flash & AndreaFlash at 4 monthsFlash