Standard Goldendoodle Families

Kula S.

Kula's birthday pictureHi Linda (and Mom),    

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I had a great first birthday! I had a party with some of my friends and my new family. Life is good here in Plano. I have lots of friends in my neighborhood. My best friends are 2 black labs, Ricki and Katie and a white schnauzer named Eddie. We like to run around and wrestle each other.

I like to sleep during the day and stay up at night and listen for rabbits. My family isn’t very happy with my schedule, but they are working with it.

Kula in baseballMy favorite game to play is “Steal and Chase”. This is where I steal something of my families, such as a sock, Kleenex or pillow and I wait for them to chase me. I get very depressed when they ignore me and I bark to let them know the game is on.

I hope all is well with you. I miss you mom, but am very happy where I am. See the enclosed picture of me with my brother Joel and sister Jennifer. (They made me wear this silly hat for the picture.)

Hope to see you sometime in the future,

You daughter,
Kula S.