Standard Goldendoodle Families

Tess S.

TessHouston Texas.
Born Feb. 17, 2004
Weight at 11 months = 50lbs

Hi Linda! Just wanted to give you an update on how our Tess is doing. She is such a great addition to our family. She is a smart, very sweet dog. We have taught her to “talk”, which is anything from a long, drawn out growl to a bark depending on the time of day. Tess’ favorite things are going for walks and car rides. She is also quite a jumper – an extreme example is when she jumped off the top of the jungle gym over the neighbor’s fence into their backyard. Tess was fine, though Mom was a bit shaken!

TessOur kids absolutely love her. She thinks she’s one of them! We get constant questions about her when we go out in public and they enjoy explaining about her “breed.” My son who is supposedly allergic to dogs doesn’t seem to be bothered in the least by her. She’s a great dog!

Matt, Christy, Sean and Rachel S.


Tess in the News!
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