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Twinkler Bean (Buddy)

(the "Therapy" Doodle!)

Twinkler Bean with Tricia & Jay



Here are some pics of Twinkler Bean. Tricia and Jay came just to see Twinkler Bean in late May because he is growing so fast. He was 17 weeks old and just a dumpling. He remembered them and just played and played with Tricia.

Twinkler Bean & Bubbles


Twinkler Bean loves to catch bubbles so we do that almost daily. We are working on activities that children or adults can do to interact with Twinkler Bean. The bubbles are non toxic so he never seems to dislike the taste. In this pic he is just "taking five" and was up and bouncing around to pop more. 

Twinkler Bean & Rocky



As you can see Twinkler Bean has almost caught up with Rocky and they still talk to each other daily. 

Twinkler Bean & Susie



This is Susie, who considers herself Twinkler Bean's personal cardio/aerobics instructor. She has hung the dumpling's pictures up in her classes from day one. She teaches at the local college. Twinkler Bean has visited several of her aerobics classes to continue his socialization skills. Twinkler Bean also attended a cardio class last week to become familiar with the exercise equipment that is often found in rehab facilities. Twinkler Bean is 19 weeks in this picture.

Twinkler Bean waiting for the Pack


Here is Twinkler Bean checking out the running track. He is wearing his "Therapy Dog in Training" vest. He was able to master the concrete stadium seating at the track right away. Twinkler Bean has also ridden the elevator and used the stairs at the local college. He seems to take everything in stride. Also, 19 weeks. 

I think Twinkler Bean's favorite activity now is "catching". We are practicing with many different soft objects including treats. It was so funny to watch him at first. His mouth would open after the object dropped to the floor. Now he waits in excited anticipation for me to call his name and say "catch". He (mostly) brings the item right back to me. We are working on "drop" and he is about 70% obedient with that task. He is to bring the object back, drop the object, then wait for me to throw it again. He LOVES it!!!! This will be another interactive skill for children or stroke patients. 

Twinkler BeanTwinkler Bean is becoming very affectionate and loving now. Play used to be the most important thing but now he loves his grooming and massage as well. He is so much cuter than his pictures show him to be. I think the twinkle in his eye is missing in the photographs. He is 20 weeks now and weighs 36 lbs. I am not sure how big he is going to get. Can you tell me if Zoe's other pups are keeping up with his growth spurt? 

P.S. As you can see he is spoiled rotten by all the toys he owns. But....Twinkler Bean has been allowed in the house unsupervised since he was 16 weeks old. (We took down the play pen outside.) The freedom to have his toys all over the house has prevented a lot of damage to our furniture and other items. However, he did chew up Ron's cell phone antenna a week ago. : ) And..... I must say, he is his mother's/aunt's son. If he finds clothing of any kind laying around..........he carries it outside........never chewing or destroying anything. : ) : ) Now if I can just teach him to take dirty clothes to the laundry room................. Hope all is well there and your other families are having as much fun as we are. Sherry

Twinkler and TVTwinkler at 6 monthsTwinkler Bean

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I just wanted to let you see the big boy. Isn't he beautiful? This was taken at exactly 9 months. He still loves his chair but has to squeeze into it now.

I will send more later. I have a great one of him looking at the clicker video tape....the headline says "Loose Leash Walking". He kept coming in from outside to watch the tape as it played. One time I thought he was outside and I looked over towards the TV. (I was watching and listening to the tape while I was cooking dinner.) He had quietly come back inside and was sitting down to watch some more. I have no idea how long he was there that time. He doesn't glance and walk away. He will sit for 2-3 minutes and concentrate. Leave for a few and come back to watch more. It is a riot to see him be so interested. Now that I am better, I will put it on for him again. He may be teaching me soon. : )

We gave Twinkler another haircut and I hate it. I told Ron....NO MORE!! I want his hair long. He is just beautiful with his curls. Everytime I take him out, he is just loved to pieces. So many people are impressed with his temperament and looks. Needless to say, I love him to pieces. He is so much fun and gives everyone so much joy. He is 66 lbs now and 25 inches at the shoulder. (Ron helped me measure). I think he is about done growing. He is not fat at all but I did read about the vitamin Ester-C on your website and started him on it last week. You should see his hind leg muscles. He loves to run. I am not letting him do any jumping until he is over a year. It is a riot to see us get him out of the truck. He knows to wait until we let him down. I am sure others think we are nuts because he is so big. The other day, someone asked if he was a Saint Bernard. I had a good laugh over that one! He is getting known all over town. Friends of mine tell me they have friends that saw a beautiful, well behaved Doodle. We still play fetch everyday for at least an hour. He never seems to tire of the game.

Well, gotta get going to break up a barking contest. Rocky starts it and Twinkler has to chime in. We are learning the work "Quiet" with the clicker now.

Thanks so much,
From the happy Jones family!

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Twinkler BeanFrom: Ron & Sher
To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Tuesday, January 04, 2005
Subject: Holiday Fun

I have to tell you Twinks is such a great traveler. We took him with us to Sacramento for Christmas. He seems to enjoy every minute of travel. We used his Mutlucks (booties) for our stops. He understood right away that booties = explore outside. To this day, he sits patiently while I put them on his feet. We have had nothing but rain since we got home last Tuesday. Yesterday I took him out for a long walk during a break in the rain. He wore his booties and had a ball. He hit every mud hole going to and from the house. He would run and leap into the water or run and slide into it with such a look of joy on his face. When we got home, he had wet feet but no mud between the toes. These booties are a wonderful invention. I will get his picture with his booties to you soon.

Snoozing on the new carpetWe have been stopping at a hamburger joint in Fresno for the past 38 years on our drive to and from our Sacramento visits. The same owner has been there for 30 of those years. Anyway, it was foggy and really cold on 23 Dec 04. We stopped and asked Burt, the owner, if Twinks could come inside while we ate. He said yes so Twinkler showed off his beauty and temperament and had his first restaurant experience. He was the hit of the day. On the way home, we stopped again for lunch but the weather was better and we got set up to eat outside. Burt insisted we come in again because Twinkler was such a beautiful well behaved dog. Two men objected but Burt said he would rather have us inside his place and the two men could take their business elsewhere. : )

Learning "How to get in a car"I think Twinkler is doing therapy dog work right now. Not in the formal sense but my friends come to visit him. They say he brings them joy and peace and happiness when they see him. They look forward to having him cheer them up. He is doing really super with the gentle leader too. Wish I had had it earlier. He seems to know he is to be on his best behavior when he wears it. He comes directly over when I get it out because he know it means he gets to go somewhere special. Ron just loves him to pieces too. Lately, Twinkler will cry and cry when Ron goes out the front door without him.

Twinkler in the Hall

Ron says he is a special dog and that is saying quite a lot from someone who likes dogs but doesn't really "love" dogs. I can't imagine how we survived without this clown in our lives. Last night when it was literally pouring outside, Twinks went for a romp in the back yard. He came in with mud up to his knees and as wet as he could have been after a bath. Ron didn't even get mad. He is said, when he brought him into the bathroom (I was taking a bath), "Look at your boy, he has been out in the rain!". He hosed him off, dried him some and when back to his garage to work. You gotta love Twinkler, you have no other choice. : ) : )

Hope the new year is being good to you!

Hugs and Kisses,
Sherry and Twinkler Bean.

Sher & Twinks



This was taken Sunday after I got ready for Church...... : ) Is he a big boy or what?




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(Letter from Sherry to a prospective adoptive family...)

Dear Jan,

Our boy is now 14 months old. We have been in contact with Linda for well over a year and a half now. We tried going with another breeder earlier but something was just off. I wrote Linda and found her to be helpful, open, and communicative from the beginning. I felt comfortable with Linda and liked her from the start. I feel if I lived closer to her, we could be neighbors and friends. My daughter and I flew from California to Texas to pick up Twinks. We met Linda at her farm. The farm was neat and tidy. She was working with another family when we got there so we were able to see our baby and a cousin playing in front of the house. She provides you with adoption papers which I found so cute.

We are working towards Twinkler being a Therapy Dog to work with patients in a hospital setting. I left it up to Linda to pick out my puppy for me. Linda and her family work so very hard to give the puppies a good start with socialization and affection. Twinkler was very stable and friendly from the start. He was a little concerned when we drove him away from the farm but soon was able to travel with curiosity..........not fear. That was amazing to my daughter and me. I could have sold him 7 times at the airport. : )

Linda has stayed in contact with me as well. On many occasions she has put me in contact with other buyers who are going to have Therapy Dogs or people who can help me with a specific task. She also sends me other information to help me with problems or goals. She is very proud of Twinkler's accomplishments and talents. Every time I go on her webpage, she has added additional information that is helpful and informative. I really believe she has the best interest of her clients and puppies at heart.

I retired last October to be home and train my dumpling. Twinks is a very sweet, energetic, happy guy. He is smart, just loves life, and cheers up everyone he meets. We are so happy we found him and couldn't ask for a better breeder than Linda.

Good luck with you and your doodle!!!

Sherry J.

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Twinkler @ 16 months June 05From: Ron & Sher 
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2005
Subject: Twinks June 05

Took these today. Twinks will be 17 months on the 8th of July.

Twinks can walk by dogs barking behind fences now. He is becoming calmer all the time. When he meets new dogs on leash, he is excited for a couple of minutes but settles down so much faster than he used to. This will really help him in passing Therapy Dog testing.

Twinks is able to do a down-stay during cardio exercise classes while students are present. I have him hold his down for 10-15 minutes at a time. I change machines and repeat the process 2-3 times each class he visits. He is able to do a down-stay in the weight room with people on the machines too. (He has only walked through that class a few times but doesn't fear any machine.) Lately we have been taking him to the basketball gym and letting him run free to get acquainted with that type of flooring. Therapy dog testing is often done on those types of carpet, etc. The first time was a complete riot. He wasn't able to control his footing very well. Now after 3 visits, he is able to run and stop and almost completely control his motions.

Rare Treat!Yesterday I took him to Albertsons with his regular collar. He was just perfect. So many people are very excited to see him there because he is such a teddy bear. I put him on a down stay in an empty aisle to load my cart (sale on Pepsi's). Others came along so I released him but he made no attempt to get up without permission. The dog club here is having a Canine Good Citizen test in September. We will attempt to obtain that certificate........wish us luck! Twinkler @ 16 months June 05

He walks with Ron nightly with a 4 lb back pack and still comes home to play for another hour or so..........retrieve and catch (he loves both games). He is very good at catching a tennis size ball thrown in the air or bounced on the floor once. He loves to jump in the air having all 4 feet off the ground, spin and catch anything soft. The Frisbee is just not his thing. He won't even attempt to try to catch anything hard.

Well, enough bragging. This sweet boy may obtain his goal in another few months. Well, off to finish house work. The boy goes to cardio class tonight. I hope to take more pics of him in "his" classes. His exercise teacher, Susie, is also working on a down-stay during the classes. He loves her dearly and this will really be good for him to obey her instead of becoming excited and trying to jump up on her. By the way, even people who tell me they don't like dogs (in cardio class) love Twinks. He is a charmer just like Tyler and Zuey. These guys have it all!!


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From: Ron & Sher
Sent: Thursday, December 22, 2005
Subject: Twinkler and GirlieGirl

Here is Twinkler with his baby "GirlieGirl" and his frog. Twinkler got his baby from Laurie. He loves her. Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas



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From: Ron & Sher
To: Sent: Monday, March 13, 2006
Subject: Soccer Boy

He is actually quite good! : )

The boy got to go inside the post office today for about 20 minutes. He was just wonderful with all the chaos and foot traffic. Everyone who meets him is so impressed with his temperament!

: ) Sherry

Soccer BoySoccer Boy


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