Standard Goldendoodle Families




It has been some time since we have written….Yankee has kept us busy. She is the sweetest little girl and we just love her. You were right she is very smart. She almost has the potty training down, can sit, give a paw, go down, stay, almost roll over and will fetch and leave it sometimes. She is learning so quick. She has never cried in the middle of the night except if she wanted to go out to potty. She has been sleeping through the night in our bed for at least 2 weeks now. We socialize her as much as is safe. She will go for her 2nd vet visit on Monday. I am sending a few pictures. There was a cute one of the kids in the bath with Yankee but the kids did not want me to send this. Again we thank you she is just wonderful!!

Patty H., Indiana




Yankee Yankee Yankee

Yankee's version of licking the bowl!Linda,

I am so sorry hit has taken so long to write with the kids activities and Yankee is still a pup. I have to say that we love her so very much. She is a doll with the kids and has to be at my side at every minute of the day. She has to lay down right on top of you or get one of her animals (blue bear or monkey) and stuff it in your face until you give in and play with her. She won't go outside potty until she has one of her animals in her mouth. She knows how to hug and unfortunately how to open the doors in our house. She can let herself outside and in when she needs to or she just rings the bell. We have to keep doors locked if we leave the house. She is so smart. At times I can see the Golden in her and other times she hops on her back legs and it reminds me of a poodle. 

YankeeWe have been stopped on so many occasions by those passing by asking what kind of dog she is. She is so cute. She likes taking showers with the kids and she went swimming in the neighborhood pool. The last night of the swim season they open it up to the dogs - the kids had so much fun. Yankee slept well that night. We are sending a couple of pictures so feel free to use these if you want. We love the one with her licking the blender. Again, thank you so much for our Yankee --- she is the joy of our lives and our children are totally in love with her and protect her as if she were their baby. 

Take care -- Patty H., Carmel, Indiana