Medium/Miniature Goldendoodle Cross-Back Puppies



Moteka & NieceFrom: Ilana S.
To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Friday, July 11, 2008 3:13 PM
Subject: Goldendoodle Crossback Puppy MOTEKA

Hello Linda and Steve

I cannot tell you guys what a wonderful dog that you gave me. We named her Moteka which means sweetie in Hebrew. She is the light of my life!!! Moteka is lucky and has been going everywhere with me lately. She is the hit of everywhere that I take her. She is calm and sweet, but when crazy she is so much fun!

Moteka: The Perfect Picture!Moteka: Playtime in the flowers~

Potty training is going great and knock on wood we have only had ONE accident in the house and out in public. She has learned to catch a ball and bring it back. She has learned to come on command and I cannot wait to teach her more!!! She can climb stairs and when running she can now out run me at full speed!!!!! My roommate has a 100lb lab and they are best friends!

Moteka: Too cute!Moteka: Trying to escape at my office with her tigger!

Moteka sleeps with me every night and snuggles like there is no tomorrow. She has a high tech play pin that I put her in if I am not home...but so many of my friends just come over and baby sit! I feel as if I have a child!!!

Moteka: Wiped out!Moteka: My best friend TJ!!!

Moteka: She figured how to get out!!!!How is her sister? What did you name her ? It is neat to know you guys kept one and can understand how much fun I am having with Moteka. Out of three dogs that I have had this is the first dog that I can say is PERFECT!!!

Moteka has been hit up for modeling .....not too sure about it..but if I decide to do anything about it I will let you know. I will send pics and updates!

Thanks again and enjoy the pics!

Ilana S.