Our Petite Goldendoodles



Honey-LouFrom: Kandi & Bob. O., Tyler, TX
To: 'Linda Rogers'
Sent: Monday, April 10, 2006
Subject: Honey Lou

Linda -

Thought I'd send you a few pictures of Honey! She is a pistol and keeps us on our toes, but we love her to pieces! She is about 9 pounds and about an inch shorter than our toy poodle. She still can't jump on the furniture and the other 2 dogs can still escape!

She is healthy and active, to say the least! The potty training is going well. We have to watch for the signs, and still have accidents occasionally, but all in all it's going very well. She loves to play outside in the back yard and is very curious and not at all scared. She came up yesterday out of the ivy with a dead garter snake in her mouth! The mower had gotten it and she found it in the ivy. So proud. Scared me to death, of course. She loves to hide in the ivy and grasses and then pounce on the other 2 dogs as they pass by! Everything is so much fun to her! We laugh at her constantly. She's really a sweet dog and is so proud when she has done her business outside! She runs up and gets her loving and praise as soon as she finishes! You just have to remind her what she's outside for, before it's playtime!

We don't know what we did before, but I'm sure it was boring!

Hope everything is going well for you and yours! Come see us when you're in Tyler!



Letter of Reference

From: Kandi O.
To: bruce W.
Sent: Monday, September 25, 2006
Subject: Timshell Farms Goldendoodles

Dear Bruce -

HoneyLinda Rogers asked me to send you a quick note as a reference for them. We have had a great experience in dealing with them in getting our petite goldendoodle, Honey. From the moment we contacted them, they have been extraordinarily efficient and accommodating. After the initial information and deposit, we were kept up to date as to when the litter would be born, and as soon as they were, we received pictures almost immediately. From that point on, we got pictures every week to let us see the puppies as they grew and flourished. Honey was exactly what we wanted and is a joy to have in our family.

We visited the farm a week before we could take her home to bond with her and meet Linda. It was a really good experience and I felt comfortable with every aspect of it. They are very protective of the puppies, so keeping people away from the litters was very important to us, even if we were the ones kept away! You never know what people carry and I would hate to be responsible for any harm coming to an animal.

HoneyWe picked Honey up when she was 8 weeks old and loved her immediately. She is the healthiest puppy I have every been around. She has never been sick in the 9 months of her life so far. She has never had any kind of stomach issue or anything else for that matter. We have taken her to obedience class as soon as she was through with her shots and is exceptionally smart and easy to train. She does have a strong will, but we work with that and guide her to use it wisely! She is terribly friendly to everyone and has never shown any kind of disagreeable tendencies towards any human, young or old. We take her to a lot of places and everyone she meets loves her and would like to have a dog just like her, so I wholly recommend that if this is the dog you would like, then Timshell Farms is a great place to purchase your puppy.

HoneyI'm sending you a couple of pictures of Honey from young to present. She is at 21 pounds and holding. She hasn't gained weight or height in about a month, so we are thinking her optimum growth has slowed down and nearly stopped. If you are thinking of a petite, then this may help you decide. Whatever you decide, please know that Timshell Farms is a safe and responsible breeder and that they are extremely professional and caring.

Good luck!

Tyler, Texas