Our Petite Goldendoodles


HurleyFrom: Jennifer G
Sent: Friday, July 23, 2010
Subject: Hurley- Fiona's Male

Hi Linda!

I am so sorry we have not kept in touch! Life just gets the best of me sometimes and before I know it months have passed!

I received your email about feedback for males vs females and wanted to let you know how much we love our little Hurley!

Hurley is a little lover; he loves to follow us around the house and craves attention.

He is a playful little guy too and cannot resist a good chase around the house from one or both of our boys (7yrs and 5yrs)

HurleyHis favorite thing is to have his belly rubbed and snuggle. He is very affectionate and happy!

He was welcomed with open paws by our two Golden Retrievers – Hailey and Hunter who are his best friends. He also socializes really well with other dogs male and female and has several friends.

So far he has visited San Antonio, (almost went to Colorado) and has attended a fun camping trip, this weekend he is going to the lake house with us. He rides amazing in the car (5hrs is the longest so far) as a passenger who sits and lies in his seat with the occasional pet from one of his human brothers. Really we could not ask for a better puppy/adolescent! 

Since we trained our two other Goldens we did not have a trainer come into our home but we did use the information on your website especially for potty training! And it really does work! Hurley sits well and listens very well esp when I use a lower voice and say “NO” he immediately stops or drops whatever he has. He is very obedient and really just lives to please us. My whole family loves him and he really is a whole family dog!

Hurley’s fur is still fluffy and never gets matted, and there is really little to no shedding! Also I noticed he smells better than my other dogs. ;-)

Hurley has a great personality and is so much fun he is so inquisitive and his facial expressions are priceless!

I have attached two recent pics!

Thank you again for keeping in touch! I will try my best to do better!

And anytime you need info please do not hesitate to ask us!



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