Our Petite Goldendoodles



IndyFrom: "Melanie K."
To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Monday, February 06, 2006
Subject: Indy

Hi, Linda.

Indy is doing great! We love her so much! She is very smart. She already knows her name and is doing very well with her potty training. She is also learning to sit and to heel. Her favorite things are to wake the kids up and to walk the kids to the bus stop every morning. She has to personally greet every child at the bus stop. She has become everyone's favorite dog!!

Indy on VacationWe took her to the cabin last weekend and she had a wonderful time.  She loves to play in the snow. She was an absolute delight and had only one accident in the cabin the whole weekend.

Indy on VacationIndy will get her final shots and be spayed and microchipped in a few weeks. I'll send you the paperwork so you can document it.

Thanks for the fabulous dog!! Melanie K., Utah

Indy helps load the dishwasherIndy Rings the Bell