Our Medium Petite Goldendoodles



From: Annette E.
Sent: Friday, November 24, 2006
Subject: Update on Bailey

Hi Linda,

Just wanted to let you know how things are going with Bailey, she is such a joy! I took her for her check up and she weighed 8.5lbs and a week later she was 10 lbs! She is fitting right into the family and the kids have taught her to sit and lay down in just one day! Potty training is going well, maybe just one accident a day at this point but we are really keeping on top of her, taking her out often. She loves people and just wants to lay on your feet under the kitchen table. From the first night she has done very well in her crate by our bed, she sleeps all night and only whimpers if she has to go out and then is able to go back to sleep after being taken out if it isnt time to get up!

The best toy we could have given her is an empty plastic water bottle, after the label is taken off...she loves to push it around and try to pick it does make a lot of noise but keeps her busy! We are working on trying to get her to be happy in her crate during the day...she wants to be with us 24/7 but since we have to leave sometimes she is getting more used to it.

Thank you so much, she has been such a blessing to our family!

Here are some pics at 9 weeks!

Bailey in her favorite spot under the table

All Pooped Out!

Take care and I will update soon, The Edwards.