Timshell Farm’s “Pocket Doodles”! 

PLEASE NOTE: Timshell Farm no longer breeds Pocket Doodles.

This page is archived as a record of some of our Pocket Doodle Puppies

A Pocket Doodle is a Jack-Doodle. 

Penny, Jack Russell FemaleThe mother dog was Penny, the sweetest, smartest little Jack Russell Terrier you’ve ever seen! Penny was extra petite, and had a soft coat with apricot markings. She weighed about nine pounds. Penny had been examined by our vet and found to be free of defects and very healthy. 

Jules Trolley,Toy, Parti-Poodle MaleThe sire was our special Toy Parti-Poodle, Jules Trolley! Jules had soft curls and a tiny body, and had soft, brown eyes. Jules was loving and sweet – not an over-excited yapper, either. Jules was a white, Toy Parti-Poodle and his markings were apricot. Jules weighed about ten pounds and the vets said he was a fine fellow. Jules was father to our Toy Goldendoodles. 

Our 2005 Pocket Doodle puppies were born in 2005. These adorable, spocket-sized puppies were totally non-shedding, soft curl coats, light or white with apricot marking. They weighed ten pounds or less, had sweet temperaments and were very smart, just like their parents.

Penny with her Pocket Doodle puppies at 2-days old

Timshell Farm Pocket Doodle Puppies!

Pocket Doodle - BoscoPocket Doodle - Bosco
White Pocket DoodleDay-old Pocket Doodles!White Pocket Doodle
Pocket Doodle PupsPocket Doodle Pup




Miltie is just as sweet as sugar and I cannot begin to tell you how much we love him! It should also be said that my mother-in-law, who does not like dogs, cannot get her hands off of him! She's called him "edible" and "delicious" countless times, and swears that if she had to get a dog Miltie would be the one. And he is just so friendly! I have a saying:

Miltie"Miltie loves everybody and everybody loves Miltie!"

He is approximately 6.5 - 7 pounds. He is very fluffy and soft. Because of the texture of his hair, he really does need some daily grooming attention to keep mats out. Not the most fun to deal with, but it's necessary.

MiltieHe rarely barks, although lately he does bark when he hears someone approach the house. Otherwise he is just happy go lucky without much to say out loud. He is VERY playful, especially now that he is approaching 6 months. He has tons of energy and loves to run and play fetch with the ball (which he has been a natural at since we got him in August).

He is in puppy kindergarten and is a pretty fast learner. He sits, lies down, stays, knows how to leave treats until we give them to him (the "leave it" command), and he is so so with coming when called. We are learning to walk nicely on a leash.

All in all he is just fabulous. We couldn't be happier with him and we are so greatful that we found you!




RustyHi Linda. Attached is a picture of our spoiled puppy. He is a joy and a terror rolled into one!! He is almost done with his shots and at the last visit weighed in at a whopping 6 lbs 8 oz. He is doing very well with house training (no accidents in quite a few days) and knows sit, stay, drop it and NO! I am going to take him to obedience training as soon as he has his shots (Nov.) I also think I am going to start him in agility training because he has a tremendous amount of energy! 

Well, I will write again when I have more updates. Take care.

V Chambers