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CowboyAbout Cowboy....

Cowboy is owned by Darlyn and John P. in California, and he has completed all of his special training and certifications to be a Therapy/Service Dog, allowed into public places and facilities such as retirement homes and hospitals.

Darlyn's work with Cowboy has resulted in a loving, highly trained and self-controlled dog that people love to touch.... He is in tune with their special needs and knows how to give his healing energy to those that need it.


From: Darlyn P.
To: lindarogers
Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Subject: Cowboy and Lil Sis

Cowboy the Therapy DoodHi Linda:

How are you doing? I hope you both are doing good...

Well I have to tell you...Cowboy ended up being Johns dog..even though I did most of the training he dearly loves John. When I take Cowboy to the Parks and Shopping Centers he wants to walk with John. He seems to be really in turned when John freezes up with his Parkinson's...he takes his nose and touches him on the side of Johns leg and lets John know that's it's time to walk...We take him every where we go...he takes his leash in his mouth and brings it to us and lets us know it's time to go.

Cowboy the Therapy DoodHe did real good on the Therapy test, he will be going to Choc Children's Hospital in July. They just started doing Therapy work out here in Corona . When we take Cowboy out with us with his vest on people ask us if we would be interested in bringing him into their retirement home ext. and of course we tell them "sure"..he is such a joy.

Thanks Linda for writing me back, I think of my dogs as kids so when they do something pretty grate I have to do a little bragging. :o)...



Cowboy the Therapy Dood Cowboy the Therapy Dood

Cowboy's Certificates
Cowboy's Certificates