XS Petite Goldendoodles



BuddySubject: Buddy - Houston, TX
Date: Fri, 12 Feb 2010
From: Julie P.

Hi Linda!!

Greetings from Houston. Have you all survived this week's big snow storm? I wanted to send you some pictures of our precious Buddy. He is eight months old tomorrow. I am sending you a picture of him the week we brought him home and one taken earlier this week.

You have been on my mind as I went to pick up my five year old from a friend's house earlier this week and found out the family has a goldendoodle puppy named "Chip" that they got right before Christmas. After talking to the mom, Amy N., we put two and two together and discovered that both our guys are from Timshell. They both have the same father, Bogey. Our girls of course think that it is hilarious that their dogs are "half-brothers"!! We are planning a playdate and I will send pictures soon. Thanks again for helping us find the perfect dog for our family. We truly love our little guy!!

Julie P.