XS Petite Goldendoodles



ClarkFrom: Lori M
Sent: Sunday, December 05, 2010
To: Linda Rogers
Subject: Puppy pictures

Hi Linda!

A little long over due...but here are some pictures of our puppy Clark. He is the offspring of Coco Chanel and Bogey. He was born June 19, 2010. Clark has been the best dog ever! He is everything we ever wanted. Friendly and fun, loyal and obedient, and extremely smart. He is a joy to be around!! Clark loves both people and dogs. His best friend is Oliver...a petite golden doodle our neighbor purchased from you because she fell in love with our Clark. Clark is the most popular dog in the neighborhood. People often bring their dogs by our house to play with him. Rough or timid, big or small...Clark loves to play with everyone. I often find myself making "puppy play dates"!

Clark & OliverClark has been easy and fun to train. He was the star of his puppy class...winning the sit and stay contest. House breaking him was a breeze. We hung a bell on our back door knob and in a very short time he was ringing the bell to go out. And best of all, he loves to play fetch with my husband!

Clark has been the perfect addition to our family!


Lori M.