XS Petite Goldendoodles



LucyDear Linda,

I am sending pictures of Lucy – she is an XS Petite Goldendoodle (very extra small). She was born on 11/5 and we brought her home right before Christmas. She weighed in at about 2.2 pounds when she came to our home. She is now a little over 8 months old and weighs 11 pounds. She is really XS and very cute. 

LucyLucy has been a delight from day one. Easy to train, learned to ring her doorbell to go outside and slept in her crate from the first night at home. We have moved from our house to a high rise in downtown and she fits in quite well – the perfect condo dog. She is a “hit” at the pool and the dog park and makes friends with everyone, people and dogs. 

LucyShe loves playing ball, dragging all her stuffed toys out of the toy box and sitting on the balcony to people watch from the 9th floor. She enjoys walks on the Katy Trail and around the city. She goes with us to restaurants that allow pets on their outdoor patios and is quite mannerly during dinner. She’s so small that she can sit in a chair, on my lap or just quietly lie under the table and watch the activity.

Lucy has two half siblings who live with my daughter. Roxy and Ranger are both Medium Petite Goldendoodles. Lucy and Roxy have become friends and Ranger is the new addition to the family. He and Lucy are about the same size right now but that will change quickly as he is only 10 weeks old. 

Thanks for Lucy!

Pat H.
Dallas, TX