Petite Golden Retriever



BanffMay 1, 2009

Hi Linda,

I wanted to send you some photos and an update on Banff. He is doing great! We are so pleased at how well adjusted he is and have had a lot of fun with him. I've attached some photos of our adventures together.

He had his first introduction to the snow this winter and he loves it!! He bounds up and back and can't get enough of being outside. The only thing we have run into is snowballs forming in his paws. I recently order some Musher's Secret Wax that I heard is suppose to help but don't know if you have any additional ideas.

BanffBanff has also been a great little ambassador up here. I can't tell you how many people have been interested in the breed and curious to know where we found him. In fact, my friend Megan is very interested in getting in touch with you about possibly getting a puppy!! I have CC her on this email so that you two can connect. Hope you are doing well and thanks again for helping to make Banff such a wonderful pup!!

Johanna V.