Petite Golden Retriever F1-b



EllieMay 15, 2009

Hi Linda,

Below is the receipt for the dog training sessions. Ellie continues to be an amazing puppy. She is growing so fast and is totally part of our rather large family of 8 (including the 3 dogs). She continues to sleep through the night and almost never has accidents in the house. I really think it helped to have 2 older dogs for her to learn from. She plays REALLY hard with Abbey, our golden retriever, who is gradually teaching her how to play. It's so heartwarming.

EllieEllie isn't afraid of anything and has tons of energy. She is comfortable around other dogs and people. She responds well to training and LOVES her food more than anything. She eats the Eagle Pack Holistic Puppy formula for Mini to Small breeds. I think she get's really hungry because she plays so hard between feedings. We are feeding her 3 times a day plus training treats. My husband, who was not thrilled about the idea of a puppy, is absolutely in love with her. We all are.

Thank you again for this incredible blessing.


I think I remember you saying you have relatives in Austin. If you are ever in town, please let us know. We'd love for you to see Ellie and our other dogs in person.

Take care,
Betsy G.