Petite Golden Retriever



GipperFrom: Andrew R.
To: Linda Rogers
Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2007
Subject: Re: Your Petite Golden Retriever Puppy


Hey, I've attached a couple of pictures of Gipper. She's looking good! I weighed her this morning, and she is a little over 13 pounds. I was thinking about e-mailing you just the other day! Gipper is doing great! She's grown, happy, very playful... great! She's very smart, and learns very quickly. She's potty trained, knows her name very well, and basically knows the commands "come", "look", "sit", "take it", etc... She plays fetch well, loves tug of war... really good.

GipperI've had her around other dogs, and she plays well with them. I take her out to my parents' house in Aledo, and she loves it out there too. She sleeps through the night, and she eats every crumb of food you give her. When you train her with treats, she will just sit and stare at you, and wait to see what she can do next to get her treat. She's a really, really good puppy.

Andrew R.