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MurrayMurray From: kelly T.
Subject: Re: Cavachon Update and Photos


Murray was up to almost 7 lbs today. He's a fur ball (hair has grown with him), adorable, loving, brave and curious.

I've read the Dog Listener and The Art of Raising a Puppy by the Monks of New Skete, and we're struggling with the normal puppy stuff--peeing accidents and nipping. He enjoys his crate, but he catches us off guard occasionally, and is very quick to stretch and pee (hard to catch him in the act)!

MurrayHe loves his toys and we laugh because we didn't realize that his instincts would be apparent and this young age. For instance, when we throw his fluffy bone, he stalks it and pounces on it. He also tries to bury his chew sticks, etc.

Even though we are careful about taking up his food and water as the books recommend, he has me trained and he knows he can scratch at his water dish holder and I'll give him a drink. You can tell we love him and think he's wonderful. Our vet's office loves him too. They've never treated a Cavachon.


Murray Murray

Kelly wrote this letter to a person that was doing research on Cavachon breeders.

From: "kelly T"
To: "Tom and Megan"
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Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Subject: Re: Reference for Timshell Farm & Cavachons


I understand the time and decisions that go into making a puppy selection.

It's important to do lots of research beforehand, since you will have the dog for the next 12-15 years. I'm always amazed at people that purchase a puppy on a whim, without much thought. I was in touch with Linda for several years believe it or not. We thought we'd get a Goldendoodle, but due to my husband's job layoff and temporary apartment living, it took us a while to actually get a puppy. When it became clear that the Goldendoodle might be larger than we truly desired, we decided to go with the Cavachon (and are so happy with our decision).

So, I can certainly recommend Linda since I've stayed in touch with her before and after our puppy purchase. Our experience was and has been very positive. We really didn't have a gender preference and I don't think it matters with this breed. I've had a trainer tell me that she prefers males, but who knows? Either gender should make you happy. We don't have any issues with lifting his leg or "humping". They also say that when they are neutered early (at six months) that it deters that.

I'm probably rambling some...Anyway, yes, I found Linda to be honest, helpful, patient, etc. I would recommend her to my friends and family and I don't have any thing negative to say. I also can't think of any advice or questions that were forgotten.

We met the Cavalier Father, but didn't insist on meeting the Bichon mom since she was kept in a separate area with other expectant moms and litters. Linda worries about puppies catching diseases. We met two other Bichons she was breeding with Murray's dad.

He is wonderful with us and our vet loves him too. She thinks he has more of the sweet Cavalier personality, but he looks a lot like the Bichon--mostly cream with some tan ears and spots, and wavy fur with minimal shedding (I only notice a few stray hairs when I'm wearing a dark shirt--none on the furniture or bed, etc.) He's 7 months old and still gets into some trouble, but not so many issues any longer. He still enjoys stealing socks and any paper products (kleenex, paper towels, etc.)! He's very smart, but I must confess that he hasn't had any formal training yet. I don't really like the PetSmart-type training, yet I haven't been able to afford several trainers that friends recommend. From what I understand, the Bichons can be a little more difficult/stubborn to house train and we didn't really turn the corner until he was 4 months old. It really "clicked" for him at that age and we've probably had only two accidents since that time.

He never pooped in the house though and that's pretty great. In the beginning (and for quite a while), I took him out about every 30 minutes. Sometimes, I would see him pee, and he would come back in the house and pee in front of me again! I thought "what's up with that?", but realize I probably let him drink too much. I would take his food and water dish up, but would still let him drink often. It gets so hot in TX. He's been crate trained since the beginning and will go into his crate for a treat now (when I'm leaving the house). I'm a stay-home mom, by the way.

I know this is getting too long, so I'll write more and send some pictures later tonight or tomorrow. He has exceeded our expectations--we all love him--great with my kids (ages 10 and 5 1/2) and he's a great bed buddy.

He gets lots of compliments by people who see him when we're out. He is very cute and somewhat shaggy. He's been trimmed once, but I should probably take him again for a shorter summer cut. Finally, no health problems to tell you about.

I'll tell you more about preparing for him, etc. later. Have a good day!

Kelly Teaff
Plano, TX