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BaileyJune 2010    

Hi there. Bailey is doing well. It's amazing how much he's grown. We were at the vet today and he got his rabies shot. He weighs over 9 pounds already! He's a bundle of fun and I love playing with him. He loves people and other dogs... now that he's had his rabies shot, we'll be able to play more with other animals! I'm forwarding pictures as well... if they won't all fit in this email, I'll send separate ones.

He's playing and growing every day. He's a great addition to my family and I can't imagine life without him!

Bailey's going on his first airplane trip since you sent him to me in July. This time, he'll travel ON the plane. He's going to meet his cousin Nookie in California for a few weeks (Siberian Husky) ... and the rest of the family too.

Take care.

Judy P., Atlanta


BaileyFrom: Judy P
Sent: Saturday, October 08, 2011
To: Linda Rogers
Subject: Re: Bailey!

Hi Linda.. thanks for writing. Here's an update on Bailey and some recent pix.

Bailey and his mom made the big move from Atlanta to Seattle in February. He is adjusting quite well to the Pacific Northwest. In fact, he has found lots of friends in his new neighborhood... and even a girlfriend (a gorgeous Australian Ridgeback named Reba)! He's gotten the nickname "Mayor of the neighborhood" because he loves to introduce himself to everyone who comes on our block.

BaileySeattle is incredibly dog friendly, and Bailey is loving all the dog parks, recreation areas and green grass to romp in. As he nears his second birthday, he is still full of energy and always the life of the party. He loves to cuddle and often sleeps on my head like a cat! And, people still stop in their tracks to tell me how adorable and soft he is. I'm constantly asked what his breed is and told he looks like a teddy bear. Well, he is. He's my Bailey Bear!

All the best,


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