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Pet of the Week: Bailey is a happy flier

By Patrick Robinson

Judy Popky and Bailey
Kimberly Robinson

Judy Popky has travelled across the nation and regularly travels with her dog Bailey who flies in the main cabin with her. Bailey is a good traveller and sleeps in his carry on crate on board aircraft.

Bailey is an odd combination of dog breeds born of three varieties King Cavalier, poodle and Bichon Frisee which makes him according to owner Judy Popky, "A Cavapoochon." He's just over a year old and came from a breeder in Austin Texas. "I was living in Atlanta and he came by airplane to me," Popky said, "I was looking for Golden Doodles and they were too big but the same breeder had this little cute guy for me." He's hypo-allergenic like those other breeds which works for Popky.

That may have been the only time however that Bailey flew in the cargo area.

Ever since he joined Popky he flies in the main cabin with her. "It costs money but he gets in his little crate, and sometimes I have to give him doggy tranquilizers to help him go night-night but otherwise he goes in there and goes to sleep. He's a very good traveller. He goes to visit his Daddy in California and his cousin. He's got more frequent flier miles than I do!"

He's not high maintenance. "A bath and a haircut once a month and he's good to go." She takes him to the WashDog for that service. Bailey eats prescription dog food due to his sensitive stomach, which is Hill's Science Diet prescription. For treats he's a Milk Bone fan.

Bailey is a very friendly dog, "He's like the Mayor of our neighborhood in Sylvan Heights. He goes out and greets everybody early in the morning."

Because he does have a bark, "He thinks he's a watchdog but in reality, not so much," Popky said laughing, but he would probably lick you to death before he'd do anything else.

Bailey loves Alki and his neighborhood as favorite walking places.

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