AKC Golden Retriever Puppies

In our early days, Timshell Farm bred Golden Retrievers. While our beautiful female Golden Retrievers still reward us with healthy, happy Goldendoodle puppies, we no longer breed Golden Retriever puppies. However, in fond memory of the joy that they brought to us and to our clients, we have retained our former Golden Retriever section here. We hope that you enjoy reading about them, but please do not ask us for Golden Retriever puppies!

From our farm into your heart!

Golden Retriever Puppies

Come find your lifetime friend and companion!Come find your lifetime friend and companion!

Come find your lifetime friend and companion!

The Golden Retriever is the number one breed in America today for a family pet. They have sweet dispositions, are loyal, intelligent and become loving family members.

We are proud of our AKC Golden Retriever puppies bred from high-quality parents that are on site for you to meet. We carefully and responsibly produce a limited number of puppies each season.


About Our Puppies
  • We are committed to producing a high quality pet dog for families to make part of their lives for many years to come. While our parent dogs have championship and field trials in their backgrounds, our only promise is that you will have a beautiful, healthy and intelligent dog that conforms to breed standards for the Golden Retriever. Several people have returned to purchase a second puppy from us, and one of our pups grew up and was accepted into the Rotary training for guide dogs! Parent dogs are from one out of only three specific bloodlines, selected after careful research back three generations to ensure quality of health, disposition and physical adherance to the "breed standard".
  • Genetic testing is done on our adult dogs to rule out the presence of hip dysplasia. Our adults are kept in excellent physical condition with exercise and proper diet, which are important factors in preventing hip problems.
  • Our puppies are all well socialized and "people dogs" by the time a puppy goes home with you. Our puppies are neither too shy, nor too aggressive. Daily attention, care, brushing and play assures confidence, good personalities and stable emotional health in our dogs and puppies.
  • When our puppies leave for their new homes they have their first immunizations, are wormed, and have AKC registration papers for unlimited registration.
  • Our puppies have a one-year health guarantee, as long as their new owners can demonstrate that they were given immunizations properly, were wormed, heartworm meds were administered and they were cared for responsibly.

Family Album

Letters from our Customers
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Some of our proud parents!

Mom and her babiesMom and her babies

Just An Old Golden Retriever
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