Golden CavaDoodle Puppies


(Silky/Spaniel Coat)

Mia (front) and MaxFrom: Marie S.        
Sent: Friday, July 30, 2010
To: Linda Rogers
Subject: Mia - Timshell Farm Puppy


I attached some photos of MY Golden Cavadoodle, Mia. She is now a little over a year old. She is a little smaller than my mom and brother's golden cavadoodles, and currently weighs 19.5 lbs (has been holding steady at this weight and shouldn't get any bigger). She is probably a little smaller than Toby & Max because she is a female, and because she has a different, smaller goldendoodle mom (her mom is China Doll, all of their dads are Jackson).

Mia - 1st BirthdayI brought Mia home last September and she has been my little buddy ever since. She has the sweetest face and disposition, and I always get so many compliments and questions about her everywhere I go. She loves going to the dog park & play with dogs of all sizes (she's not afraid of bigger dogs- one of her best friends is a German Shephard!), and she also loves to swim. She's just as happy going for a run with me as she is curling up in my lap and watching a movie. I recently moved across country (Texas to California) and Mia has transitioned very easily. And like my brother said about Toby, sometimes she might be too smart for her own good!

Mia at the LakeI couldn't be happier with Mia, she's a great size dog, that doesn't shed too much, is athletic and loves outdoor activities, but is also a lap dog. And while myself, my brother, and my mom all have Golden Cavadoodles and love them, they all have their own unique personalities that are so fun to get to know (mine is the sassy one!). I attached pictures of Mia from about age 6 months to now (her looks haven't changed too much since 6 months actually). The pictures where there are 2 dogs, Mia is the smaller, redder dog in the front and Max (my mom's Golden Cavadoodle) is the lighter golden one. They're best friends and love to cuddle with each other!

-Marie S. & Mia

Mia & Max


Three Silky GCD's in One Family! Max - Mia - Toby